It is one of the most important building block of a human life.Look around yourself,every human behave accordingly their parents have brought up!!It is essential milestone of every parent to take care and shower abundant love on their child.So that the child will be respectful,caring,humble,honest adult in the future.If the family involvement is found missing in the child’s parenting then the child is able to enter into the depression state and may feel lost in the world and enters into the state of loneliness where he/she finds himself lost.There are number of researches going on which shows the best results for family involvement.It is proven that;the child being given with more family love and affection stands as the outstanding student in the academics,social skills,and shows best improved behavior.



It is a way to build the discipline among the kids from toddlers to the adolescents and fill them with positive vibes and build a healthy strength in them to uplift their power and boost their energy.In short,it is a continuous teaching for kids to develop self discipline.


Before moving on with the seven root key elements,let me tell you one thing.Please do remember that every child is special and very very special in their own way.Every child has unique power hidden within them and that’s a blessing.Every child is talented but that hidden talent must be brought out and understood by the parents and make sure you support them even though your not capable enough of it.Have a patient heart to understand the child’s need.

Root element ONE:

Understand the ages and stages of child’s development phases. Firstly,be prepared when you have thought to have a child in your life ie;Prenatal.Without physical and mental preparation,please do not have a dream of having a baby.It screws up your life.Prenatal is a beautiful phase of life and a precious time of excitement,preparation for the parenthood and keep yourself prepared with the realities of parenthood. Secondly,baby of 0 to 1 year-this is crucial stage of every parent to understand the wholesome of activities of the new toddler which makes both the parents brainstorm for some moments to think over.Here,in this stage the baby gives to bundle of information like-how it has to treated,talked like,and comforted. Thirdly,Toddler of 1 to 3 years-this is one of the vital stage where;it is necessity to care the child in very well manner because in this stage the child undergoes emotional and social changes.In this stage they have a slow motor development. Forth,Pre-school 3 to 5 years-this is the stage of the child’s growth where they learn to how to play,how to talk,how to behave,jump and walk properly.In this age group parents must explain your child about the strict rules which they need to follow.So that, they follow it for the whole lifetime. Fifth,Grade-school 5 to 12 years-here build the child to overcome phobia and find the inner confidence to perform miracles and achievements and stand with your child as a pillar.If being a parent you fail to do it,then-stop expecting achievements from your child.Generally the children’s under this age group undergo lots of development changes and start seeking the academics and the social world.Therefore,they undergo numerous changes emotionally and starts shaping themselves in that adaptive fashion.In this time they start detaching slowly from their parents.But,it is necessary role of parents to keep an eye on them and never make them feel anything less. Sixth,Teen 12 to 18 years-It is a true challenging stage for parents.This is the age of closeness,joy,pride,laughter and memories.In this stage,the parenthood is put on the bonfire to have a test.Make sure,let anything come on your way,you never get aggressive on your child and show your hand on them.It is absolutely wrong if you think of it, and you need to control your emotions.In turn, treat your teens as your best friend so that the bond between you and them will remain the same for lifetime and even they feel easy with you and start sharing you their secrets.So that later you can mend them in a proper way by your fruitful words. Seventh,Young Adult 18 to 21 years-they start building up their social support and firm.Here,they understand and attain the “true mark of maturity” towards the life.Do not leave your support being a parent at any stages of life…..

Root element TWO :

Encourage special skills.Every child has unique gifts and talents. These special attributes but there are plenty of children who shine after the final bell has rung for the day. Activities like a mommy-and-me music or karate lessons can open their minds, but your wallet does’t need to be involved. “Do not underestimate the power of unstructured play, Playing catch in the yard, dancing in the living room, and chasing after lightning bugs provide opportunities for intellectual, physical, and personal development. Finding a hobby or two for yourself. “Allowing your child to see you trying something new may inspire her to do the same.” Never make your child feel low about his own talents.Encourage them so that they can feel happy and energized to fulfill their dreams.

Root element THREE :

Applaud and Praise.Research conducted by Carol Dweck, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and a leading researcher in the field of achievement and success, discovered that a person’s mind-set can influence behavior. When it comes to parenting, she suggests praising your child for his hard work instead of labeling him as “smart” or “talented.” People with a fixed mind-set are usually reluctant to take on challenges because they believe their achievements come from innate abilities. Those with a growth mind-set are usually more willing to face challenges with hard work because they believe in always learning new skills. “Above all, keep in mind that the grade is not what motivates a top student to succeed—it’s his inner drive for learning”.

Root element FOUR :

Respect different style of learning.
Just because you need complete silence while typing an e-mail or balancing your checkbook doesn’t mean your child needs a noise-free environment when doing his homework Harvard researcher Howard Gardner established eight kinds of intelligences, or ways kids learn best, some that include musical, logical-mathematical, linguistic, and interpersonal traits. The trick is to pay attention to how your child learns best so you can identify her specific learning style. For example, if your school-age child is visual, consider using flash cards when she’s trying to memorize multiplication tables. If your child falls into the interpersonal intelligence category (that is, he has people smarts), help him improve his vocabulary by connecting descriptive words to people like friends, relatives, and historical figures.

Root element FIVE:

Balance bedtime.
Establishing a bedtime—and keeping to it every single night—can be highly effective, but turning off the computer and TV at least 30 minutes beforehand. If your child has access to a cell phone, taking it before bedtime because “62 percent of kids admit they use it after the lights go out — and their parents are clueless!” In 2005 researchers at Tel Aviv University found that missing just one hour of sleep can be enough to reduce a child’s cognitive abilities by almost two years the following day. Borba says that a sixth grader who loses precious zzz’s the night before a big test could end up performing at a fourth- grade level.

Root element SIXTH:

Doll with endless hugs.
Giving your child a number of hugs throughout the day will help ease any tension she may be feeling. “There’s nothing like the human touch to give a child a sense of security,”. Studies of neglected children have shown that kids who don’t receive affection can suffer from chronic stress, which can disturb the parts of the brain involved in focusing, learning, and memory. A study in the American Journal of Public Health, published in 2005, reports that touching another person gently has the power to alleviate symptoms—emotional, behavioral, and physical—related to stress. Not only will hugging your little one improve her ability to concentrate, it will also have benefits for you (and make you feel like a million bucks).

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